Project will explore all options for making important clean energy project a reality

MANCHESTER, N.H. (May 24, 2018) – Northern Pass officials expressed disappointment in today’s decision by the N.H. Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) to reject its motion asking the SEC to reconsider its denial of a siting certificate, particularly in light of the recent N.H. Supreme Court decision emphasizing the importance of lowering customers’ energy costs. “We intend to pursue all options for making this critical clean energy project a reality, along with the many economic and environmental benefits for New Hampshire and the region. This opportunity to significantly lower energy costs for customers should be given great weight,” said Eversource New Hampshire President Bill Quinlan. “Large infrastructure projects of this scale often face challenges during the siting process, and we will continue to work with all of the stakeholders to present a project that receives New Hampshire’s approval.”

Northern Pass remains the most advanced clean energy project in the region, having received all major permits from the U.S. and Canadian federal governments after years of rigorous review, as well as approvals from all state permitting agencies.

“Northern Pass is particularly important now, given New England’s critical need for new, diverse sources of clean energy to meet customers’ electricity demands, especially during winter months,” said Quinlan. “With nearly all major approvals in hand, Northern Pass is well-positioned to help New Hampshire and New England address these serious energy needs and achieve the region’s ambitious environmental goals.”

Northern Pass has received the following approvals:

Federal Approvals

  • DOE Final Environmental Impact Statement
  • DOE Record of Decision
  • Presidential Permit
  • U.S. Forest Service Final Record of Decision

State Approvals

  • NH Department of Environmental Services
    • Wetland final decision
    • Shoreland Protection final decision
    • Alteration of Terrain final decision
    • Section 401 Water Quality certificate
  • NH Department of Transportation
  • NH PUC Authorization to Commence Business as a Public Utility
  • NH PUC Authorization to Cross Public Lands and Waters
  • NH PUC Approval of PSNH Lease

Canadian Approvals

  • Québec Provincial Permit
  • Canadian National Energy Board


Other perspectives:

Jim Roche, President, Business & Industry Association

“New Hampshire’s electric energy prices are 50–60% above the national average, year-round. This not only hurts the competitiveness of our businesses, especially manufacturers who drive the state’s economy, but it also hurts our overall economy as employers look beyond New England for lower cost energy. Grid operator ISO New England continues to highlight energy supply risks for our region, which could lead to rolling blackouts. This situation – high rates and supply risks – demands immediate attention. Clean energy projects like Northern Pass offer significant, positive economic benefits for New Hampshire and are critical to helping address our energy challenges.”

Brian Murphy, Business Manager, IBEW Local 104

“The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers remains disappointed at many levels in the review process that took place at the NH Site Evaluation Committee, and we are encouraged that Eversource is continuing to pursue this project through a NH Supreme Court appeal. The Northern Pass transmission project remains a critical need for our region, and we look forward to continuing to work toward the goal of seeing the Northern Pass project completed.”

The Northern Pass is a 192-mile electric transmission line project that will bring to New England 1,090 megawatts of clean hydropower. This reliable and affordable source of power will also bring a wide range of benefits to the region, including millions of dollars in energy cost savings and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. To learn more about Northern Pass, go to

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