New applications to be placed on waiting list

as Legislature considers potential modifications

Eversource today announced it has reached the state regulated limit on the amount of customer generation eligible under the New Hampshire’s “net metering” law and will place new projects going forward on a wait list.

Eversource and other utilities are working with the Legislature and other stakeholders on a proposal to raise the existing net metering limit, or “cap,” and to ask state regulators to develop a more permanent solution to the challenge of fairly compensating developers of new distributed generation in a manner that does not shift costs to other customers.

What will happen in the meantime? - While the Legislature considers the issue, customers and project developers may continue to submit applications to interconnect with the Eversource distribution system.  We will review and approve these applications per our normal process; no different than today.  If or when net metering program capacity is made available, either via legislative action or by previously approved projects dropping out of the program, Eversource will offer this capacity to wait-listed applicants in the order in which the applicants met the program prerequisites.  The current Eversource policy regarding these prerequisites is posted on our website.  Keep in mind, however, that an ongoing N.H. Public Utilities Commission proceeding (Docket No. DE 15-271) is considering options regarding the cap reservation process, and new guidelines are expected to be issued soon.

Once you are on the wait list - An approved project on the wait list may interconnect and commence operation; however, the billing/compensation treatment for exported power will be different than under the current net metering program.  For projects on the wait list, all exported power (measured in kilowatt hours - kWh) will receive a credit or payment that is based on the wholesale market energy price for New Hampshire as determined by the Independent System Operator of New England (ISO-NE).

What’s ahead? - Eversource is actively working with state officials and other stakeholders to enact an expansion to the net metering program via Senate Bill SB-333.  Such an expansion would alleviate much of the uncertainty being faced by customers and developers, and would provide time for stakeholders to investigate all of the various costs and benefits of distributed generation and to provide for a sustainable evolution of the net metering program.