Installing a Heat Pump

Working closely with a qualified contractor will help ensure your heat pump system is designed to meet your heating and cooling needs.

First Steps

Once a heat pump is installed in your house, it should require very little maintenance and be remarkably easy to use. Getting it installed, however, will require a qualified professional.

Finding a heat pump installer

Heat pump equipment will last for 15 years or more, so it's important to be clear about your goals when speaking with a heat pump contractor. Make sure they understand your motivations, comfort needs, aesthetic preference, and planned use for your heat pump, so you can receive a quote that aligns with your needs. 

We recommend you discuss the following topics: 

  • If they participate in the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network
  • If they plan to install in accordance with the Mass Save Quality Installation Checklist
  • Placement recommendations for outdoor and indoor units
  • What you should expect for upfront and operational costs
  • Available rebates and financing to help offset installation costs
  • If they provide warranties for the systems they install
  • How long the installation will take to complete

The Installation Process

There are lots of different types of heat pumps, and each one has its own unique requirements for installation. In general, however, installing your heat pump happens in 3 different steps.  

  • Deciding where your heat pump units will go. This is maybe the most important step, and the one you’ll have the most input on. You’ll work with your contractor to make sure your indoor unit is in the best place to keep your house comfortable and run efficiently, and your outdoor unit is somewhere that’s effective, and visually pleasing. 
  • Actually installing the heat pumps. Once you have everything in position, your contractor will get to work installing the heat pump. They’ll hook it up to your home’s electrical system for power, your home’s air duct system (if you pick a ducted heat pump), and get everything up and running.  
  • Final tests, answered questions and maintenance. Once your system is installed and running, your contractor will preform some final tests to make sure your new heat pump is working correctly. They’ll also answer any questions you have about owning and operating your heat pump, and walk you through any maintenance that will be required to keep your system running and efficient for years to come.  

Claim Your Rebate

You can submit a completed and signed rebate form once the system is installed. 

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