Energy Efficiency expert works to improve customer communications

What do running and energy savings have in common? They’re both passions of Amy Findlay, a Customer Engagement Strategy Supervisor in our Energy Efficiency Department. Amy works to ensure we’re communicating with our customers in a way that will lead them towards solutions for saving money and energy. We recently sat down with the Waltham resident to learn more about what she does here at Eversource. 

Amy Findlay

A Michigan native, Amy grew up in the Midwest but eventually found herself in the Boston area for her first job after college. With a background in civil engineering and a passion for saving the planet, Amy soon realized that she wanted to pursue a career in the energy industry. 

“I knew I wanted to work at a utility company because we have a unique opportunity to build relationships with our customers,” shared Amy. “There’s a lot of innovation in the energy industry these days and utilities play an important role in bringing new technologies and information to customers to meet their changing needs. What better place to pursue my career in energy than at the #1 energy efficiency provider in the nation?” 

As a Customer Engagement Strategy Supervisor, Amy is responsible for delivering data-driven insights to help our customers learn how their home uses energy and identify opportunities for energy savings. One helpful tool for customers to check out is our Energy Savings Plan: a free, interactive, online planning tool that allows customers to build a plan with customized recommendations for energy-saving improvements. 

energy savings plan

When she’s not diving deep into energy efficiency projects at work, Amy is likely training for her next big race. She’s competed in triathlons and marathons including the Eversource Hartford Marathon in 2016. Amy hopes to continue finding unique ways to communicate with our customers so that they feel empowered to take control of their energy use. 

“We offer a variety of great ways to save through our energy efficiency programs,” explained Amy. “It’s just a matter of guiding customers to the right solution and motivating them to take action.”