Clean Energy

Our future is clean energy. It's core to our commitment to lead our industry in sustainability and is a critical element of our business today and in the future.

We're dedicated to making our operations carbon neutral by 2030, and to bringing more clean and affordable energy to New England.

Building a Clean Energy Infrastructure

A clean energy future starts with a strong foundation. We're building the infrastructure our region needs to deliver clean energy to homes and businesses.

These projects will allow us to connect energy sources to our grid that are better for the environment.

Offshore Wind

We are one of the nation's leading developers of offshore wind, serving as a catalyst for clean energy throughout the Northeast.

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Networked Geothermal

This project is the first of its kind in New England, an innovative way to provide clean and sustainable heating and cooling for customers.

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We're dedicated to raising solar awareness in our territory and connecting our customers' solar generation to the grid.

We have owned and operated solar energy facilities since 2010, and today, our solar portfolio can power more than 11,000 homes.

These sites are estimated to save nearly 36,000 metric tonnes of carbon per year—the equivalent of taking 7,600 cars off the road. Four of our solar facilities are located on landfill or brownfield sites, which have few alternative uses. 

Energy Storage

We're developing innovative battery energy storage projects that will help defer traditional infrastructure investments and store renewable energy for peak hours.

Using batteries to store power can improve reliability, help manage demand and reduce the need to build new power lines.

We're the first utility in Massachusetts to receive approval from the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) for grid-scale energy storage and we are currently constructing the first project in Provincetown on Cape Cod.

We are evaluating additional projects in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire for the future.

The Road to Clean

We're also driving the future of lower emissions by helping to power electric vehicles.