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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV charging stations lined up

Transportation contributes the largest proportion of our regions' greenhouse gas footprint. We're committed to promoting electric vehicle adoption, investing in local grid upgrades and educating customers to help New England reach significant carbon reduction goals over the next few decades.

We're committed to working with partners through the National Electric Highway Coalition to install EV charging stations along all major United States travel corridors by the end of 2023.

Enabled 4,272 ports, including infrastructure installment and preparation of future ports.
Over 2,000 commercial charging ports installed
Helped address barriers to EV charging in environmental justice communities

EV charging for all

Our Electric Mobility Team was created in 2022 to focus on making EV charging more accessibility for underserved populations by providing rebates for multifamily properties and enhanced installation incentives for residential, commercial and industrial customers in distressed communities.

In 2022, 44% of the program’s commercial rebates were utilized in disadvantaged communities, helping make sure that everyone can access an EV charger if they need one. 

Driving Each State Into The Future


In 2022, we launched Connecticut's nine-year EV charging program to support the state’s decarbonization goals with educational guidance and rebates for eligible charging station infrastructure.

Our rebates helped energize nearly 1,300 residential customers, and 400 commercial charging ports. In addition to these projects, another 1,600 ports are currently scheduled for completion in 2023.


The state's five-year EV plan is moving ahead to it's next phase early, as we ended 2022 with a fully subscribed program two years ahead of schedule. 

The next phase of the Massachusetts program commences in 2023, and aims to include:

  • Expanded offerings for single-family and multifamily customers
  • Alternative demand rates to help reduce bill costs for businesses implementing large EV projects
  • The launch of equity and environmental justice projects to implement fast-charging hubs in environmental justice communities

New Hampshire

We've launched our $2.1 million Make Ready program to fund installing fast-charging stations along New Hampshire's major travel corridor, making it easier to drive an EV with confidence. This funding comes in addition to grants from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services through the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust to support both utility and customer costs of EV charging infrastructure implementation. 

We're confident this additional funding will lead to lots of additional EV charging projects being completed across the state, and we're working with site hosts and contractors to understand the scope of these projects and maximize the number of projects we can support. 

The Make Ready Program

As we continue to support the installation of EV charging infrastructure across our three states, we're also aware of the environmental challenges that increasing the demand for electricity could cause. As more people transition to powering their vehicles with electricity rather than gas, the overall load our system has to handle will increase.

To help us manage this demand for electricity, all of our residential offerings now require participation in our Managed Charging program, which allows us to ramp down a customer's EV charging during periods of peak electrical demand. This decreases the strain on our grid and reduces the need to fire up peak generation sources, which are more likely to emit greenhouse gasses. 

Customers receive financial incentives for participating in this program, and can always choose to override the ramp-down event if they need a quicker charge. 

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

See highlights from other sustainability areas or download the full PDF report for detailed data, graphs and more.

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