Fall weather is fast approaching and the dog days of summer are winding down. This means that your AC unit will be getting a bit of a break from the workout it got this summer, and you can shift your attention to the other appliances in your home.

Did you know your refrigerator accounts for 11 percent or more of your household’s total energy use? Older refrigerators and freezers use inefficient technology, causing them to use up to $100 more annually than newer models! Your secondary “garage” or “basement” fridge or freezer is probably just collecting dust, and it’s definitely wasting energy.


Thanks to improvements in compressors and insulations, today’s refrigerators consume much less energy than models made before the year 2000. A new ENERGY STAR-certified model can use just half the electricity that your older model is using now. But great energy savings aren’t the only reason to get excited about replacing a fridge or freezer. With the Mass Save appliance recycling program, Eversource customers are eligible for a $50 rebate, and free refrigerator pickup and recycling!

And while you’re at it, consider recycling your home’s old dehumidifier free of charge at a local turn-in event. Most towns charge residents to recycle their dehumidifiers, but with this limited time offer through Mass Save, not only can you recycle your dehumidifier for free, but you’ll receive a $30 rebate in the process!

This fall, appliance recycling events across the state are open and available to Eversource customers. Check out this link for a list of upcoming events in your area.

It’s out with the old and in with the new this fall. Don’t let rundown appliances run up your energy bill! 

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