Heating, Cooling & Water Heating

Learn about the changes you can make that save energy without sacrificing comfort.


If you're looking for impactful year-round energy savings, consider upgrading your heating, cooling and water heating equipment. 

Options for everyone

Let us connect you to incentives that can reduce the cost of your upgrade. We provide rebates and instant discounts on qualifying central air conditioning, heat pumps, natural gas boilers and furnaces, and water heaters.

Remember to check the equipment eligibility criteria. The efficiency rating, size of the system and the number of systems installed all effect the incentive eligibility and amount.

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If you’d like professional help finding the best heating system for your home, and all discounts that may apply, you can Participate in Home Energy SolutionsSM, or Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible.

You will work with an Eversource-authorized technician either online or in person to determine the best heating system for your home, connect with rebates and incentives, and receive a host of other energy-saving improvements in the process.  

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Heating, Cooling and Energy Use

How you heat and cool your home can have a big impact on your energy use. We have tools to help you understand the factors that can increase energy use, and build a plan to keep use low. 

Visit our Energy Efficient Cooling page to learn more.

Or, if you're considering heating and cooling with a Heat Pump, visit our Heat Pump information page.