This winter is starting to look like another roller coaster of weather, from frigid to balmy and back again. It’s the perfect time to start making changes that can smooth out those up-and-down temperatures, save you money and increase the comfort in your home. 

The quickest way to get results is to schedule a Home Energy Solutions energy assessment through Energize Connecticut.  Eversource-authorized contractors will make same-day energy-efficient improvements – an incredible value that will make your home more weather-tight right away. These professional home energy auditors use special training and equipment to find drafts and to determine if heating and cooling systems are running efficiently.  They’ll also caulk and seal drafty openings and install weather stripping and door sweeps where needed.

As part of an energy assessment you’ll also be given forms for valuable rebates that can make energy efficiency improvements like installing insulation a more affordable option.  The savings can be even greater if you’re income eligible. But all eligibility depends on first completing an assessment.

How much of a difference can insulation make? You may be surprised.

Attic floors – People living in homes with uninsulated attics sometimes learn the hard way how this contributes to the formation of damaging ice dams. Insulating the attic floor with the proper R-value insulation bats or with blown-in insulation will help keep warmth downstairs where it belongs.  Access doors, hatches or openings to walk-up attics must also be weatherproofed.

Basement ceilings – Those with unfinished, uninsulated basements will be surprised how much heat from living areas escape into this lower floor. Insulating basements ceilings and using rigid foam boards or spray foam insulation along foundation tops will produce immediate results. You’ll notice when the furnace kicks on less often because you’re heating one less floor. 

Walls – In addition to giving your home a warm sweater, some forms of wall insulation have added benefits. Like being resistant to pests and fire and offering some level of sound proofing from outside noise.

Other tips – If you have a fireplace, don’t assume it’s fully closed. A small gap can mean years of heat going up the chimney. Get a flashlight and make sure the flue is closed and there’s a tight seal.  Close infrequently used rooms and shut heating vents and radiator valves in those areas.  You can also raise window shades to let the sun’s warmth, especially on south-facing windows, and lower shades at night to help retain heat.

For Home Energy Solutions, just call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) or visit here to learn more.


EnochEnoch Lenge is Eversource’s energy efficiency spokesman. If you’re a member of the media and would like to arrange an interview with Enoch, please contact a member of the Media Relations team.