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Summer is almost here. Temperatures are starting to heat up. Your cooling systems will soon be working hard, so we want to connect you to solutions for savings. Whether you own or rent, now is the time to do a few simple things to your home to make it more comfortable before we’re in the thick of the hot weather season:

  1. Evaluate (or upgrade) your cooling equipment.

    Does your home have central air or window units? In both cases, they should be checked out now. Dirt and dust build-up will restrict the cool air flow, causing your A/C system to work harder, use more energy – and cost you more money.

    Have your central cooling system serviced annually by a qualified professional, and make sure to clean or change the air filters in those window units. If your cooling equipment has been around for 10 years or more, consider replacing it with one that is ENERGY STAR® certified.  These new units can be up to 15 percent more efficient than what you’re currently using.

  2. Seal cracks and gaps.

While those cracks and gaps in walls, windows, attics and door frames are hard to see and reach, that’s where the cool air often escapes, causing your air conditioning to work overtime. Make your home energy smart by signing up for Home Energy Solutions. An Eversource-authorized contractor will seal those drafty spots and that’ll help keep your home’s temperature consistent year-round.

    3.   Maintain and monitor your energy usage.  

You can better manage your energy usage by using a programmable thermostat for your central system or a timer on your window unit. Or consider upgrading to a smart Wi-Fi thermostat which allows you to adjust the temperature via an app wherever you are.

To learn more about efficient cooling technologies and ways to save at home, go to and the Energy Savings Plan page. This interactive planning tool is free for all Eversource customers and provides a detailed analysis of your energy usage, a customized savings plan for your home, and available incentives to help reduce your energy consumption.


EnochEnoch Lenge is Eversource’s energy efficiency spokesman. If  you’re a member of the media and would like to arrange an   interview with Enoch, please contact a member of the Media Relations team.