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Every month, the volunteers at Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries’(GWIM) soup kitchen serves nearly 16,000 meals during their lunch hours and puts together 18,000 meals to go at the pantry.

“We noticed a 20 percent increase in the past year of people coming to our pantry and soup kitchen,” said Business Manager at GWIM Sherry Mastrioani. “It’s so important that we have food drives and outside donations to keep up with the demand. Eversource is such a great help to have contributed.”


GWIM is open 365 days a year for six hours a day and operates with a core team of 35 volunteers. Those volunteers serve 3,100 individuals in the community annually. To keep up with the amount of food coming in and out, Sherry said GWIM hosts close to 50 food drives a month across the city. 

Sister Maris Benson and Sister Abbey Simons from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints in Waterbury spent their morning recently making plates of macaroni and cheese and turkey sandwiches during the lunch rush.

“It feels really good to be here and to give back,” said Sister Maris. “I’d love to come volunteer here again.”

Besides being a food pantry and soup kitchen, GWIM also acts as a resource center.

“They have cooking and nutrition classes for youth, and also host agencies like legal aid and social security to help answer questions people have,” said Eversource Community Relations Specialist Hedy Ayers. “Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries is really a hub in Waterbury. That’s why it’s so important we continue to support their efforts to empower the people in this city.”

Find out more about GWIM and how you can get involved by visiting: