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Do you know how you’re using energy at home - or more importantly, how you may be wasting it?

October is Energy Awareness Month and a great time to assess ways you can better manage your energy use to save money and protect our planet. And we’re not just talking about turning off the lights when you leave a room or taking a shorter shower. Here are three things you may not have thought of that can make a real difference in reducing your energy use:

Slay those energy vampires

Beware: silent energy-suckers may be lurking in your home. Most common appliances, from your microwave and TV to your computer and game console, continue to draw power from an electrical outlet even after you’ve turned them off. Still, you can save up to an average of $150 a year by stopping these energy vampires in their tracks (and there’s no garlic required).

Simply unplug each appliance when it’s not in use or use a power strip so you can power down multiple appliances all at once with the flip of a switch. 

When you need a jacket, your water heater may need one, too

Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in the home, and that usage will continue to rise if you tend to use more hot water in the colder months. You can make a difference by keeping the heater at a more consistent temperature by installing insulation around the tank and surrounding pipes. The insulation helps reduce heat loss, which can save you seven to 16 percent in water heating costs per year.

If you’re looking for an overall upgrade, consider an energy-efficient heat pump water heater. This technology uses electricity to move the heat from the surrounding air to the heater instead of generating heat directly. Heat pump water heaters can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric models.

Stay in control with a programmable thermostat

Connecticut temperatures can see big swings, especially as we transition from season to season. When you pull out those cozy sweaters and long pants from storage, it’s time to also consider setting your thermostat to a lower temperature while you’re out of the house or heading to bed. This will help you manage your energy costs and allow you to raise the temperature when you really need it. 

Continue to stay in control of your home’s overall temperature with a smart, wi-fi thermostat. You’ll be able to access your thermostat controls right on your phone and set the temperature to your liking for any time of day.


Let’s celebrate Energy Awareness Month and find ways to save more money and energy, together. Visit to access your Energy Savings Plan. This free online tool allows you to review past electric or gas bills and see what equipment and appliances in your home use the most energy. You can even refine your results further by answering a few questions about your household habits.



EnochEnoch Lenge is Eversource’s energy efficiency spokesman. If you’re a member of the media and would like to arrange an interview with Enoch, please contact a member of the Media Relations team.