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Connecticut Homeowner's Guidelines

If you're the owner of a single-family residence and wish to upgrade your electrical service, please review these guidelines.

Responsibility and Requirements

To help assure your safety, we are identifying the procedures you must follow when working under an electrical permit issued to the homeowner. We believe these procedures will eliminate any misunderstandings and avoid damages to Eversource's facilities.

Connecticut State law allows homeowners to perform electrical work on their single-family, owner-occupied residence. A permit issued under these circumstances does not allow anyone other than Eversource to cut and reconnect a Eversource service. A licensed electrician is not allowed to cut and reconnect electric service under a permit issued to the homeowner who is performing the work.

The following requirements are necessary and are intended to prevent problems.

The homeowner obtaining the electrical permit is responsible to:

  • Create a Work Management System number (WMS) prior to beginning any work. Dial 888-LIGHTCO (544-4826).
  • Contact a Eversource field technician before beginning any work.
  • All required permits must be obtained by the homeowner.
  • Homeowners are not allowed to cut and reconnect their service or remove a Eversource meter. Violations may result in charges to the homeowner from Eversource for any necessary repairs.
  • Work must be inspected and approved by a local municipal code-enforcement official.
  • All work must comply with Eversource's Information and Requirements booklet.

Eversource is available to consult with the homeowner to coordinate work to allow the homeowner to complete their work safely. This is an important safety precaution for homeowners.

The homeowner has two options to complete work:

1. Deenergize: The homeowner can coordinate with Eversource to have the service deenergized and/or cut, allowing the homeowner to perform the service upgrade. Once municipal inspection approval is received, the homeowner must coordinate with Eversource to reconnect the service.

2. Build Parallel Service: The homeowner may build a parallel service which can be backfed on the customer's side of the main switch. Once municipal inspection approval is received, coordinate with Eversource to cut-over the service.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to schedule any appointments with Eversource and coordinate required municipal inspection(s). To create a Service Request number visit our Service Request home page or call our toll free number at 888-544-4826.

Building Demolition Form

If you are planning demolition of a building and need to have Eversource's service permanently removed, please read and print the demolition form which will require notarization.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions and glossary of terms.