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Express Lighting Project Incentives for Vendors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Quickly prepare energy-efficient lighting proposals for customers with pre-approved incentives.

Get fast, pre-approved incentive amounts for a range of energy-efficient lighting products and measures with our Express Lighting program. You can eliminate approval delays for your customers and provide a quicker project turnaround.

Now, Massachusetts customers can use our new online portal for faster results.

Note: This program is designed for lighting vendors. If you're a business owner, explore solutions for lighting and lighting controls at your business.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Complete a lighting workbook

This workbook helps us calculate energy savings and incentives by using pre-qualified lighting products and facility types. Start by completing a lighting audit and the workbook will provide an estimate of savings and incentives.

Step 2: Complete the prescriptive lighting application

Fill out and sign this application. You'll need your electric account number and the signature of your customer. Payments are made to the vendor only.

Step 3: Submit your lighting workbook and prescriptive lighting application

Massachusetts customers can use the Online Portal to submit projects for faster results. You will need to upload the following documents

  • Lighting Workbook
  • Prescriptive application with customer signature (page 3 only)
  • CutSheets with SKUs not in workbook
  • Any other relevant documents

New Hampshire or Massachusetts customers can also email your completed lighting workbook and prescriptive lighting application to the applicable address below.

If you know who your Energy Efficiency Consultant is, please cc them on the email.

Step 4: Contact a recycling vendor

We require that all project waste is responsibly disposed of. As the lighting vendor, you're responsible for ensuring that lamps and ballasts are picked up by a recycling vendor.

You also need to work with your recycling vendor on creating a recycling report at the close of the project. This report helps us understand the quantity of lamps and ballasts removed from a site to verify energy savings.

For Massachusetts projects:

For New Hampshire projects:

Contact your Energy Efficiency Consultant to discuss our updated process.

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