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Natural Gas Pipeline Integrity and Maintenance

We're always working to keep you safe.

Leak Surveys

Our comprehensive maintenance and inspection program, as well as an effective leak management program, exceeds the requirements of federal and state pipeline safety regulations.

Our leak survey program includes:

An Eversource employee inspecting a home.

  • Semi-annual Surveys – High-pressure distribution lines and critical infrastructure pipes are surveyed for leaks twice a year. High-pressure lines are also patrolled an additional two times.
  • Annual Surveys – In business districts, we conduct annual leak surveys over all gas distribution mains. Surveys are conducted from vehicles or on foot.
  • Winter Survey – When cold weather and frost are prevalent, we survey all cast-iron mains on a 10-day cycle. The surveys continue until warmer weather returns.
  • Tri-Annual Surveys – Every three years, we survey pipelines exposed to the atmosphere, including company-owned piping inside customers’ buildings. We meet or exceed state or federal regulations, which require surveys every three years on some types of pipelines and every five years on others.

Test and inspect

In accordance with federal regulations, we test and inspect gas meters and associated piping to monitor corrosion and detect potential leaks before they become a hazard.

Pressure on the gas distribution system is maintained by specialized equipment positioned in strategic locations throughout the system.

At each location, additional over-pressure protection equipment monitors and limits pressure. We also monitor system pressures 24/7 at our natural gas control centers.