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Electric Supplier Options in Massachusetts

You have the option to explore different rates for your business offered by other energy suppliers authorized to work with Eversource.

Competitive or Third-Party Suppliers

A competitive supplier is a company licensed by state energy regulators to sell electricity. These suppliers may offer a different rate than Eversource.

Your Eversource bill is broken into two main charges:

Delivery: the cost for Eversource to bring energy to your home or business and maintaining a safe and reliable system. See electric delivery rates.

Supply: the cost of electricity itself. Your supplier purchases energy from a pool of producers. That can be Eversource, or you have the option to pick a competitive supplier. See electric supply rates.

What to Know About Switching Electric Suppliers

Your electricity bill will come from Eversource, but the amount you pay for your supply charge, as well as where the electricity you use is generated, can be changed by choosing to purchase your power from a competitive supplier. View your current supplier or learn about what to consider when choosing a supplier.

What to ask a potential supplier

  1. Is the chosen supplier licensed in my state?
  2. What is the length of the contract I'm entering?
  3. Will my rate of supply change over time, or stay the same?
  4. Are there early termination fees?
  5. What if I move or discontinue service in the region?
  6. Can I switch again to a different supplier?

What to avoid

  1. Eversource does not call or solicit door-to-door on behalf of any competitive energy supplier. Customers are urged to always decline any door-to-door offers or requests to discuss energy rates from someone claiming to be an Eversource employee.
  2. Never provide personal or financial information to anyone, in person, on the phone, or online, without verifying their credentials even if the individual seems legitimate or knows basic account information.
  3. All Eversource employees carry company-issued identification, and any contractors working with us carry documentation explaining the nature and location of their work.

Has a supplier solicited you?

You have the option of blocking your account from unauthorized switching to a third-party supplier from Basic Service.

You should always contact us to double check the legitimacy of any offer. Don't dial a phone number provided by a solicitor.

Learn what to do if you get an unsolicited visit or phone call from an energy supplier

Read more about avoiding scams

Understanding Your Bill

You can learn more about charges, rates and other parts of your bill.

Learn more about your bill