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Understanding Utility Poles

Vehicle crashes, storms, system upgrades and construction projects can all have an impact on poles.

Replacing a damaged pole takes time and coordination with other service providers and often results in the old pole staying up until all wires are transferred to the new pole.

Who Owns and Maintains a Utility Pole?

We own and maintain some, but not all the poles in our service area. The others are co-owned by television and cable companies. Each pole has a number and a tag that identifies which company owns the pole.

What is on a Utility Pole?

Poles can have up to several attachments. The main groups of wires are:

  • Powerlines are located on the top portion of the pole and are owned by Eversource.
  • Communication lines are located below the powerlines and are reserved for third-party companies.

What is a Double Utility Pole?

A double utility pole occurs when a replacement pole is built alongside another pole for the purpose of transferring the electric, telephone, cable or other wires. Eversource is required to license third-party companies to hang attachments - such as telephone and cable wires - to utility poles.

What is the process to remove a double utility pole?

When we add a new pole, we transfer our wires first, followed by third-party companies. Third parties are responsible for transferring their equipment to the new pole. Once the transfer of all wires is complete, only then can the damaged pole be removed.

What is Eversource's Pole Safety Procedure?

We respond promptly to all reported utility pole issues to ensure there are no public safety concerns. Our crews may install wooden braces or other brackets to temporarily secure a pole.

You can also contact us for questions about utility poles.