Doing Business With Us


Welcome to the Eversource Nominations Processing System!

Choose one of the Options listed below to proceed:

  • Enter Nominations

    Use this option to send a single day nomination, or any number of days, for a specific contract on a future day or an intraday nomination for the current gas day.

  • View Scheduled Nominations and Deliveries

    Use this option to view scheduled deliveries (in advance) and or any confirmed deliveries (after the fact). This option should be used to confirm your scheduled deliveries.

  • Enter Ancillary Nominations

    Access the following option to enter nominations for the following four services:

    • - Long Haul Service (Rider LH)
    • - Peaking Service (Rider PK)
    • - Standby Service (Rider STB)
    • - Storage Service (Rider STR)

    Please refer to the appropriate riders for the specific nomination deadlines, which can be found in Eversource' Rules, Rates and Regulations.

Please remember that an intra-day nomination must have a timely subsequent daily nomination. In addition, an intra-day nomination requires approval from the Eversource Nominations Staff.

During business hours call 860-665-5937 or 860-665-3268, and after business hours call 203-236-9100.