Massachusetts In-School Energy Efficiency Programs

Students and educators in Massachusetts can take advantage of our engaging, no-cost energy efficiency education programs. Students can learn how to save energy, promote good energy-use habits and prepare for the future.

Home Energy Challenge

Eversource offers various fun offerings for students and families throughout the year on learning how to save energy as a family. Families that participate and submit what they have learned are eligible to win prizes.

The Home Energy Challenge WooSox Edition – is a program for students in grades K-8 in an Eversource community in Massachusetts.  This fun and easy project invites students to explore the transformation of radiant energy (light) to chemical energy and thermal energy (heat).

Student Contest

The Eversource Challenge offers students K-12 the chance to showcase their knowledge and ideas about energy efficiency and sustainable living.

It invites students to showcase their energy knowledge through various grade level written or visual challenges. Finalists from each grade will be honored with a special awards presentation. 

Registration for the 2022-23 challenge opens in January 2023.

In-School Programs:

  • Energy Quest Online is a game that transforms students in grades 6–8 into home-energy investigators. Students can test their knowledge about electricity, water, and gas usage in their homes, while learning about new energy-efficient technologies and developing positive energy behaviors.
  • Watts-Ville Online is a game for grades K–3 that teaches students about energy efficiency and the importance of saving energy. Through Watts-Ville, students play with real-world examples to understand how they use energy every day, and some simple steps to use less.  
  • The Energized Guyz is an interactive e-learning package that offers classrooms a convenient, online-accessible option for experiencing energy efficiency education through live theatre. The 35-minute livestream event presents a virtual lesson on energy efficiency for students in grades 3-5. A live host will introduce entertaining skits featuring a variety of characters and scenes that help classes discuss energy use. Students and teachers will also have access to a Q&A with the host, plus an exclusive e-learning package that includes games, quizzes, e-books and lesson plans for the classroom.

Professional Development For Educators

Eversource works with the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project to bring hands-on energy workshops for Educators to Massachusetts schools. The workshops cover content from the Next Generation Science Standards and provide resources and training to help educators teach their energy standards in an engaging way.

Topics include the forms of energy and energy transformations, energy sources, electricity and magnetism and energy efficiency. The workshops are designed to showcase how the curriculum works in the classroom – both in person and virtual. Educators receive hands-on kits for their classrooms. 

Download the curriculum and to sign up for a workshop