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Natural Gas Appliances

Learn more about natural gas appliances and their benefits. 

Furnaces and Boilers

Natural gas furnaces and boilers offer a high-efficiency option to heating systems.

Natural gas is one of the most popular fuels for residential heating and a natural gas furnace or boiler offers many benefits.

They are efficient and affordable, provide a greater value for your energy dollar than oil-driven equipment.

Furnace efficiency and comfort can be further improved with additional enhancements designed to control the burners and motors so that they match the load demand.

Take advantage of newer two-stage furnaces, which offer several benefits including:

  • Reduce operating costs over the long term.
  • Maintain a more comfortable environment.
  • Control humidity better and run quieter.

Water Heaters

Natural gas water heaters represent value in performance, reliability and price. They have a quick recovery time so no large tank is needed, and the fuel supply is abundant and available.

  • Choose from a water heater tank or tankless heater.
  • Tanks available in models and sizes from 20 to 100 gallons.
  • Tankless heaters produce a continuous supply of hot water.
  • Tankless units are rated by gallons per minute - designed to meet your peak demand.
  • A "whole house" type tankless water heater can be installed to meet large demands.
  • Use two or more tankless water heaters connected in parallel for simultaneous needs.

Stoves and Ranges

A natural gas stove or range offers flexibility and efficiency and you can control the temperature instantly.

Common features:

  • Available in many configurations and styles to match any aesthetic. Choose built-in or freestanding models with two or four burners and many options.
  • Downdraft and self-venting cook tops remove steam, smoke and cooking odors without the need for overhead venting.
  • Easy-to-control burners have instant on/off controls for precision cooking. Sealed burners make cleaning easier.
  • Self-clean or continuous-clean models make clean-up easy.
  • New ovens are well insulated, keeping more heat in the oven and less in your kitchen.
  • Convection ovens available that use less energy than conventional ovens and produce superior baking results.


With a gas fireplace there isn't any chopping, hauling or stacking wood or removing ashes from the fireplace. It’s easy to work – with the flip of a switch a gas fireplace can be turned on and off. There are a few options.

Natural gas inserts:

  • Look like traditional masonry fireplaces
  • Vent up the existing chimney
  • Provide efficient heating
  • Can be equipped with blowers to circulate heat
  • Offer the same conveniences and safety features as complete gas fireplaces

A free-standing natural gas fireplace:

  • Is not surrounded by a hearth or a wood mantel
  • Looks similar to a traditional wood stove
  • Produces radiant heat and can be equipped with blowers
  • Offers flexible venting; either an existing chimney or through a roof or a wall

Zero-clearance natural gas fireplaces:

  • Can be installed in almost any wall
  • Need no clearance between the fireplace and combustible materials
  • Use direct venting which eliminates the need for a chimney


Dry your family’s laundry quickly and efficiently. With fewer moving parts, natural gas dryers are also less likely to break down allowing you to save on maintenance costs.

Common features of natural gas dryers include:

  • Pilotless ignition – not burning a pilot light means you use less energy
  • Cool-down cycles – cool air blows through the tumbling clothes
  • Moisture sensor – automatically shuts off the dryer when clothes are done


Natural gas-fueled grills offer ease and comfort allowing you to be ready to cook in minutes with the push of a button.

Natural gas grills offer superior temperature control when cooking and have a variety of available options that include:

  • Side burners to cook corn or baked beans
  • infrared broilers to cook chicken, ribs or turkey
  • several rotisserie options
  • smoke drawers for wood chips to add that smoked flavor
  • quick-connection outlets that allow for fast hookup

When you are ready to install your gas grill, we suggest several tips for a smooth installation process. Many retailers do business with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors who have a licensed gas fitter on staff.

Retail stores that handle the details of installation of natural gas connections and grills make the process effortless, all you need to do is make your arrangements at the time you purchase your grill.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are popular for outdoor spaces, they can radiate heat 20 to 25 feet in all directions.

Patio heaters can be free-standing, or they can be mounted on a post, wall or ceiling.

Benefits of a natural gas patio heater include:

  • No wood fire pit maintenance is needed
  • Fuel supply is abundant and available
  • Easy to start

Common features of natural gas patio heaters:

  • Typically 8 feet tall with a diameter of about 18 inches
  • Uses spark ignition instead of a pilot light
  • Has a small umbrella-type reflector that heats you directly and comfortably
  • Comes with a dial or remote control so you can adjust the heat level

Outdoor Lighting

Gas lights are a great way to add style and ambiance to your outdoor areas.

Lanterns, torches and pathway lighting are available to match any outdoor design. Plus, gas lights do not attract insects.

Benefits of natural gas outdoor lighting:

  • Fuel supply is abundant and available
  • Works during electrical power outages

Choose from many styles to fit any home, including:

  • Elegant gas lamp posts
  • Lights to illuminate a path or sidewalk
  • Tiki torches for lighting a deck or patio
  • Traditional or contemporary options.

Quick-Connect Outlets

Quick-connect outlets make it safe and easy to connect and disconnect natural gas appliances without using tools. The outlets make installing and moving gas appliances almost as easy as plugging and unplugging electrical appliances.

Outside the home, quick-connect outlets make it easy to add, move or switch natural gas appliances such as grills, patio heaters, fire pits and spa heaters.

These are easy to install for a licensed contractor. They also contain an interlocking safety device that prevents gas from flowing unless the outlet is connected properly.