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Living Room and Home Office

Whether you're working from home or just relaxing in the living room, we can help you save money and energy.

Help Your Devices Use Less Energy

  • Consider switching to advanced power strips. These energy-saving devices sense when your electronic devices are idle and automatically prevent them from drawing power.
  • Adjust your computer's power management settings. If you aren’t ready to shut down and unplug your computer, make sure it goes into sleep mode when not being used. This can save you up to $75 every year. You can find this option in your computer’s settings.
  • Disable screen savers. They consume energy and prevent your computer and monitor from going into sleep mode.
  • Turn off your monitor when you’re not using it. This can increase the lifespan of your device and help you use less energy.

Stream Smarter

  • Stream on a tablet instead of a laptop. Tablets use 4x less energy to run than laptops. If you own a tablet, use it to watch your streamed programs. 
  • Get the family together. A family of four watching TV together in the same room uses ¼ the energy of a family with TVs in four different rooms viewing four different programs.
  • Turn down the TV volume and screen lighting. To save additional energy while watching TV, turn down or mute the volume for commercials. If you’re watching TV at night, lower the brightness to watch in low light.
  • Record your favorite shows for later. Setting your DVR to record your favorite shows means you can fast-forward past ads to shrink a one-hour program to about 42 minutes. As a bonus, you'll save some energy.