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Community Solar in Massachusetts

An infographic showing how solar energy is produced, sent to the grid, and then customers receive a bill credit

What is Community Solar?

Community solar, also known as shared clean energy, allows multiple residents to benefit from a solar project connected directly to the power grid. It can be an option for those who would like to access the benefits of solar energy but who may not be able to install rooftop solar panels on their home or residence.

How Does Community Solar Work in Massachusetts?

Community solar projects are typically large solar installations like a solar farm that generate enough electricity to serve many homes.

Once a community solar project is developed, the project owner will sell subscriptions to interested customers to receive a portion of the solar bill credits generated by the solar project. These credits represent the monetary value of the solar electricity generated by the solar project and are applied as an on-bill credit to participating customers' electric bills.

If you participate in community solar, the solar credits you receive can cover all or a portion of your electric bill. In most cases, you will pay a portion of these community solar bill credits to the solar project owner. Typically, the difference between your on-­bill credits and what you pay for your community solar subscription results in electric bill savings.

Community solar is available to all customers in Massachusetts, but income-eligible households can qualify for additional savings. This includes households:

  • That live within designated low-income census blocks
  • That already receive Energy Assistance (Low-Income Discount Rate) on their Eversource electric bills

How Can I Participate in a Community Solar Project?

To participate in a community solar project you'll need to find a program or project that is open for enrollment. Visit the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center for more info on community solar projects in your area.