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Environmental Impact

From keeping the air clean of smog to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are designed to help you protect the planet.

Cleaner Air

Gas-powered engines emit air pollutants, which can contribute to lung disease, create smog and power air quality in your area. Electric motors in EVs emit no tailpipe pollutants, allowing you to drive without creating any smog or negatively impacting air quality in your region.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

An EV's electric motor emits no harmful greenhouse gasses, helping to protect our planet. Additionally, the majority of electricity in New England is generated using natural gas, which burns much cleaner than the gasoline used to power traditional gasoline-powered engines.

Plus, as renewable energy sources like wind or solar become more prevalent in New England's power generation, you will be able to charge and drive your EV without creating any additional greenhouse gasses.

Go Solar

When you buy your EV, consider pairing it with a rooftop solar panel array to charge your car at home. Using a renewable energy source to charge your EV will enable you to drive completely carbon-neutrally, as your EV will eliminate all tailpipe emissions and the solar panels will eliminate any fossil fuel emissions used to generate electricity.

Plus, charging your EV with a home solar array will fuel your vehicle with free electricity generated by the solar panels, instead of paying for gasoline at the pump or electricity from the grid.