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Electric Vehicle Charging Options

Understand the pros and cons of each charging option to find the one that works best for you.

EV Charging Types

There are three types of chargers for electric vehicles, each with specific advantages for your lifestyle.

Level 1 (120-volt)

Level 1 chargers can be used with regular wall outlets and are commonly used for home charging. This is the slowest type of charging for EVs but is the easiest option to set up in your home or take with you on the road. With Level 1, charging your vehicle overnight provides around 50 miles of range.

Level 2 (240-volt)

Level 2 chargers are much quicker than Level 1 chargers, taking roughly 4 - 6 hours to fully charge an EV. Level 2 chargers are primarily found in public sites or workplaces, but you can also purchase one for your home. If you're considering a Level 2 charger for your home, note that you will need a dedicated 40-amp circuit, which should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Level 3 (480-volt)

Level 3 charging is commonly referred to as DC Fast Charging, or as CHAdeMO charging. Level 3 chargers give your EV an 80% charge in about 30 minutes and are usually found in public places along popular travel corridors. Level 3 charging stations can have different connection ports, so be sure your EV is compatible or has the proper adapter before planning a trip around one.