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Electric Vehicle Home Charging Rebates in Massachusetts

Rebates to help offset the costs of charging stations for both single-family and multifamily homes. 

Get Started Charging at Home

We provide rebates for level two smart chargers, which will charge your vehicle up to four times faster than a standard charger, and can provide enough charge for an average 50-mile commute overnight. 

Our rebates will provide up to $1400 to offset the cost of the wiring or panel upgrade needed to install a 240-volt outlet for your level two charger. 

Your charger will also connect to Wi-Fi, giving you more control over your power use, easy access to information about your EV's charge level, and will allow you to participate in our coming Managed Charging program.

Make sure you buy the right charger

To qualify for our EV charging rebates, you'll need to install a Wi-Fi compatible level two smart charger that is no more than 80 amps and is listed in the State Appliance Standards Database.

Incentive and Rebate Amounts

All eligible customers can receive a rebate for between $700 and $1,400, and even more rebate savings may be available for customers who are on the low income discount rate, or who live in an environmental justice community.

Apply today

We offer EV charging rebates for single-family homes, and small multifamily homes of two to four families. Rebates for larger apartment buildings are also available.

I am on the discount rate

You may instead qualify for up to $2,700 in rebates for the electrical upgrades needed to power your charger, including a rebate for up to 100% of the cost of the charger itself.

I live in an environmental justice (EJ) community

If you live in an EJ community you may instead qualify for a rebate of up to $2,000 to help offset the costs of a home wiring or panel upgrade to power your Level 2 Smart Charger.

Visit's EJ map to check if your home is in an EJ community.

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