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First Responder Safety

Firefighters, police, municipal employees, and other emergency responders are often first to arrive on-scene in an emergency that requires immediate action.

Understanding the dangers of and required safety measures to employ when responding to an emergency involving electricity or natural gas is imperative to protecting both first responders and the public. 

We offer training and resources to help you understand these dangers and learn best practices for minimizing these risks. 


Downed power lines step potential: 

Standing or walking near a downed power line can be just as dangerous as touching the line, a hazard called step potential.

Your safety on the line:

Important guidelines and information for first responders regarding electric infrastructure and addressing emergencies involving electricity.

Substation safety: 

Electric substations are critical facilities in our power infrastructure and understanding their potential hazards is crucial for everyone's safety.

Generator safety one-pager:

Taking proper generator safety precautions can help protect families, neighbors, and our crews working to restore power. Download and print our one-pager to distribute in your community


Natural gas properties: 

Learn about the properties and characteristics of natural gas and best practices to follow when responding to emergencies that could potentially involve natural gas.

Northeast Gas Association training: 

This is a self-directed, online training package that provides you with the information needed to safely respond to incidents that involve natural gas pipelines and facilities. Learn more and access the training

Police response to gate station: 

Detailed information about our gate stations, their equipment, and how first responders should approach these facilities, how to recognize unusual operating conditions, and best practices for response to emergencies at these critical natural gas facilities.

Advanced firefighter gas training: 

Firsthand look at natural gas emergency response training available for firefighters at our state-of-the-art training facility in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Reference card for natural gas emergencies: 

Use this card for quick reference on handling outside and inside leaks, burning gas and evacuation considerations. Print my card.

In-person training

We provide in-person safety training for our first responders that can be scheduled by contacting your dedicated community relations specialist.

Municipal Hub

The Municipal Hub is a vital communications tool that can be used to report blocked roads and view outage information in your community. Every municipality should have a designated point of contact with Municipal Hub access.

Contact your community relations specialist for access and training.   

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You can contact your municipality’s dedicated community relations specialist with any questions. In an emergency, please utilize your E911 assigned FPS priority telephone number.