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Preparing for a Storm

The restoration process begins days before a storm arrives, as we track multiple weather forecasts and make preparations to respond.

Turning Forecasts Into an Accurate Prediction

We work with partners to turn weather data into a prediction of where and how many outages may occur. This information is critical and helps inform our preparedness planning.

Our preparedness activities and our preparations rely heavily on accurate weather forecasts.

Preparing Our Response

Once we know what's coming, we prepare a response that ensures we can restore power as safely and efficiently as possible.

Organizing our crews and activating support staff

We organize our field crews and position them strategically around our service territory so they can respond quickly when it’s safe to do so. For large storms, we’ll request mutual aid from other companies.
To help with the response, we activate increased customer support, liaisons to work directly with community officials, logistical coordinators and safety specialists.

Gathering and Distributing Equipment

Our materials logistics team verifies our stocks of poles, wires and other materials so we have exactly what we need to repair any damage.

This equipment is then transported around the service territory to strategic locations to ensure a fast response.

Peek inside our operations to learn how our material logistics team prepares for storms.

Pausing system reliability projects

Throughout the year, we maintain the electric system, trim trees and perform upgrades in order to reduce the number of power outages and shorten restoration times. Before a storm hits, we pause this work and restore the network to normal configuration.

Communicating with customers

We know an outage can be disruptive, so we send storm messages to our customers by email, text and phone.

To ensure we’re able to reach you: