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Reconnect or Avoid Disconnection

What to do if your power has been shut off or you've received a disconnection notice in New Hampshire.

Financial Hardship and Medical Customers

Your service will be restored if you pay 10% of the outstanding balance and make arrangements to pay the remaining balance in reasonable installments if:

  • Your power was shut off between April 15 and October 15, 2022; and
  • You or a member of your household relies on electric-powered equipment to treat a certified medical condition; or
  • You're experiencing financial hardship

If You Received a Disconnection Notice

To avoid disconnection, you can pay your balance in full or set up an interest-free payment plan (if you qualify) before the scheduled shut off date.

If your service is already disconnected, you need to contact us.

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Need Help Paying?

If you meet income and eligibility guidelines set by your state, you may qualify for income-based assistance programs.

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