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Go Paperless

Paperless billing is a smart choice to declutter and streamline your life with less paper waste. 

Instead of receiving a paper bill in the mail each month, you'll receive an email reminder to view your bill online.

  • View the same information as your printed bill
  • Access 36 months of prior bills
  • Get payment-due notifications via email, text or the mobile app 

PDF bill attachment

You can also request that a PDF of your bill be attached to your email notification. This means you won't have to sign in just to view your bill.

You can request the PDF option after you sign up for paperless billing. Just open your alert settings and select paperless billing options. 

Get started

When you sign into your account, you'll see a link to "Go Paperless" on your account overview. Just open the link to turn on paperless billing.

Paperless will start with your next billing cycle. 

Go paperless now