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Connecticut Time-Of-Day Rate 7

Connecting you to solutions for savings is one of our favorite ways to serve you – and switching to our new Time-of-Day Rate 7 may help.

Demand for electricity is highest Monday through Friday between noon and 8 p.m. That’s when businesses and industry are using the most energy. Demand is lower in the morning and evening on weekdays, and anytime on weekends.

When you and your neighbors wait until off-peak hours to use most of your energy, it helps everyone by stabilizing costs and protecting the electric grid – especially during really hot or cold weather.

To encourage our customers to use most of their electricity before noon, after 8 p.m. or on the weekends we have the Time-of-Day Rate 7 for you to consider.

Current Time-of-Day Rate 7 Customers

You will see pricing for off-peak and on-peak hours in the Transmission* and FMCC** rate components on the delivery section of your bill. More information is available below.

To make sure that you’re getting the most savings from Time-of-Day Rate 7, please remember to use most of your electricity during off-peak hours after 8 p.m. and before noon on weekdays, and anytime on weekends.

Current Rate 1 Customers

Consider a switch to Time-of-Day Rate 7.  Before you make the change, it’s very important that you know when you’re using most of your electricity so that you get the most savings. 

Time-of-Day Rate 7 may be right for you if:

  • Everyone in your home is away for most of the day and you can lower your electricity use during peak hours from noon to 8 p.m. on weekdays;
  • You can shift your energy usage so that you use most of your electricity after 8 p.m. and before noon on weekdays and anytime on weekends;
  • You have a new time-of-day meter installed – at no cost to you – that records electricity usage during on-peak and off-peak hours; and
  • You’re ready to make a one-year commitment to keep that new meter and stay on Rate 7.

Current Rate 1 customers could save on Time-of-Day Rate 7 if:

  • You have an off-peak energy usage percentage that is greater than 70 percent. See your monthly energy usage on page 2 of your bill under "Monthly kWh Use," in the top left corner of your bill.
  • For example, assume that your usage for a specific month is 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and you estimate that you used 375 of the 500 kWh during off-peak hours. In this example, your percentage of off-peak kWh is 75 percent (375 kWh out of 500 kWh).
  • Since Rate 7 is a time-of-day rate, the more electricity you use after 8 p.m. and before noon on weekdays and anytime on weekends, the more money you'll save each month.

Make the Switch

To make the switch and learn how to shift your energy usage to off-peak hours call us at 800-286-2000.

Within a month of your call, Eversource will replace your meter with a time-of-day meter that records electricity usage during on-peak and off-peak hours.

While you do not have to be home for us to replace your outside meter, please make sure that it is clear of any obstructions such as trees or bushes.

If the meter is located inside your home, we will call you to schedule an appointment. Eversource will replace your meter at no cost to you.

* Transmission - The charge for delivery of electricity over the high-voltage power lines from the generation company to Eversource.

** Federally Mandated Congestion Charge (FMCC) – These are costs that promote system reliability, such as substation security, as well as generation support for periods of high demand.