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PCB Removal

Eversource continues to voluntarily reduce polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).

Oil-Filled Equipment

Eversource oil-filled equipment manufactured prior to 1980, such as pole-top or pad-mount transformers, may contain PCBs. Labels or stickers on the outside of the equipment may indicate whether the equipment is owned by Eversource and may provide PCB concentration information. This information may also be detailed on a manufacturer nameplate, which is only accessible to qualified utility personnel.

If Eversource owns the transformer and no specific indication of PCB concentration exists, Eversource assumes the oil is PCB contaminated. Eversource does not perform individual environmental due diligence reviews about transformers that may exist on private property.

Oil Release

Please contact your local customer service representative if you discover or suspect a release from Eversource-owned equipment or have questions on equipment ownership. Eversource cleans all spills in compliance with regulations. Environmental due diligence inquiries about the cleanup of previous reportable spills should be directed to the appropriate regulatory state agency. 

PCB Removal

Eversource is continuing to reduce polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) voluntarily by replacing PCB-contaminated transformers with non-PCB oil-filled equipment.

Efforts have been made to remove or replace PCB contaminated transformers throughout our system and will continue to evaluate and reduce the amount of PCB-filled equipment on our system.