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Financial Disclosure Policy

Eversource and those of its subsidiaries with financial reporting obligations are committed to the full, fair and accurate disclosure of information to investors in compliance with all applicable securities laws, including Regulation Fair Disclosure (“Regulation FD”), as adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

Regulation FD prohibits the selective disclosure of material, non-public information by public companies to certain enumerated persons, such as institutional investors, analysts and other investment professionals.

The regulation is designed to ensure equal access to important information by requiring that a company simultaneously distribute to the public all material, nonpublic information which the company makes available to investors and market professionals.

Eversource complies with Regulation FD by providing public disclosure of information through various means, including filed or furnished SEC reports, news releases, publicly noticed web-casts and other methods of disclosure that are designed to provide broad, non-exclusionary distribution of information to the public.

The following are our guiding principles regarding public disclosures:

  • The Company maintains internal controls and procedures to ensure that financial information is correct, complete, accurate and properly recorded.
  • The Company will be responsive to information requests from investors, while at the same time, adhering to both the SEC’s rules restricting selective disclosure, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) guidelines for public disclosure and this Financial Disclosure Policy.
  • The Company will maintain electronic and written mailing lists for investors who want to receive Company reports, notification of key regulatory filings and news releases on a regular basis. Investors can be added to those lists by contacting Eversource's Investor Relations Department at the telephone number below. The dissemination of such information will only occur after public disclosure has been made via a broadly circulated news release and/or through filings with the SEC.
  • In accordance with the Company’s Insider Trading Policy, employees of the Company are prohibited from disclosing material, non-public information about the Company or any subsidiary except in compliance with SEC rules and regulations, including Regulation FD. Such information includes, but is not limited to, information regarding strategic initiatives, corporate planning, internal budgeting and personnel matters.
  • The Company will project earnings when management is confident that it will achieve earnings within a reasonable range. Earnings projections typically will be provided in the fourth quarter of the year preceding the projected year or in the first quarter of the projected year. The Company will update such earnings range and related long-term growth rate if it becomes reasonably confident that a narrower or modified range or rate is appropriate. The Company will clarify if such earnings ranges include or exclude significant nonrecurring items.
  • Persons authorized to communicate on behalf of the Company to institutional investors, analysts and other market professionals are the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company, the Treasurer of the Company, the Vice President of Investor Relations and Investor Relations staff.
  • In addition, the Senior Vice President and General Counsel, the Vice President of Investor Relations, Corporate Secretary and members of the staff of the Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Secretary are authorized to communicate, orally or in writing, with shareholders and beneficial owners regarding shareholder accounts, corporate governance matters and other shareholder or administrative matters.
  • For matters dealing with the non-financial media, only the Director of Media Relations or those persons designated by the Director of Media Relations are authorized to speak on behalf of the Company.
  • The Company typically holds investor conference calls related to the release of quarterly financial information. Notification of such calls will be provided approximately one week before the call. Earnings typically will be released 30-40 days after the end of a quarter, except for fourth quarter and year-end results, which typically will be released 30 to 60 days after the end of the fiscal year. Web-casts of such calls will be stored on the Company’s website for up to one year.
  • The Company provides a link on its website to its SEC filings, including Eversource Beneficial Ownership reports, significant investor presentations, news releases and certain regulatory matters.
  • The Company and its representatives will not comment on outside analyst financial projections other than to reference publicly reported historic data, news releases or publicly posted company presentations that forecast future levels of earnings, capital expenditures, rate base, internal cash flow, external financings, or other items of interest to investors.
  • The Company will promptly disclose material regulatory decisions after they are made available to the Company, either through an appropriate SEC filing or by posting them on the “Investors” section of Eversource’s website.

Investors with questions about this policy should contact Eversource's Investor Relations Department at 860-665-5154 or via email.