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Rights of Way for Municipalities

Municipal Boards are often presented with requests for the development of properties on our corridors.

Our easements were typically acquired prior to the development of the property. They provide for the safe reliable and economical transmission and distribution of gas and electrical power and are the arteries of our system.

Although the property owners have ownership interests in the land, the easements crossing the land are sometimes quite restrictive in what they may allow in a shared use environment.

Accordingly, Eversource must abide by all federal, state and industry standards in the operation of our system. Of particular emphasis is our goal of transmitting electrical and gas energy in a most efficient, safe and reliable manner.

It is important for municipalities to understand that what they may require for project approvals might conflict with the restrictive rights associated with the easement.

Any proposed use or activity within Eversource’s easement requires our review and approval. All approvals are issued in writing.

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding any project proposed within Eversource's rights of way.