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Rights of Way for Customers

Eversource, through its operating companies and other subsidiaries, owns and maintains 2,300 miles of rights of way.

These rights of way are primarily located on land that is privately owned, over which we have acquired property interests referred to as “easements.”

These easements give us the right to use this property for a variety of purposes including, without limitation, construction, operation and maintenance of electric and gas facilities.

A right of way often refers to the corridor that Eversource uses to access, build, operate, maintain and repair its facilities. Most of our rights of way exist via permanent easements across privately owned property where the owner retains some rights.

In addition to easements, some segments of rights of way consist of property owned entirely by Eversource in fee.

An easement is an interest in land owned by another, which entitles the holder with a specific use of the property. An easement is typically a permanent encumbrance and transfers to subsequent owners.

We use these rights of way or corridors to operate and maintain a safe and reliable system. We will work with property owners seeking to make improvements within the corridors to determine compatibility with our operational and safety requirements.

Eversource may require the removal of items or deny any use or activity that is inconsistent with our easement rights, that interferes with our ability to operate and maintain a safe and reliable system, or which compromises or restricts in any way the full use or purpose for which the right of way was established.

Please call or email us to find out if your proposed use of the right of way is compatible.

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