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Properties for Sale and Lease

Eversource owns and maintains approximately 40,000 acres of land throughout our service territory.

This vast land holding is comprised of properties acquired for the distribution and transmission of electricity and natural gas - including substations, gas take stations, service or operating centers, right-of-ways, warehouses, as well as related corporate facilities and offices. The Real Estate Management department oversees all real estate transactions for the company.

Third parties interested in using, leasing, licensing, purchasing or making another request of Eversource property not currently on the market and outside of our right-of-way should complete and submit a Property Request Form. Appropriate information for review should be included.

All Eversource properties presently available for sale or lease are listed below. Linked documents include information about the property including maps and how to submit an offer.

The Property Request Form can be used to inquire about properties without documents.

Properties For Sale

There are no properties for sale at this time.

Properties For Lease

There are no properties for lease at this time.