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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to to some frequently asked questions about Eversource's Land Management.

What promises can Eversource make about the future of the land it owns?
All of our lands will continue to be maintained with the environment in mind while balancing the energy needs of the communities that the Eversource companies serve.

Eversource is fully committed to preserving its lands in the highest environmental standards to protect and preserve the land and the species that rely upon it.

Eastern BluebirdEversource will continue to manage its properties and administer land management practices to ensure protection of these open spaces. Wherever practical, our properties will be made available to the public for passive recreational use.

Why do the Eversource companies own all this land in the first place?
Many of the early leaders of the company had the foresight to understand that the growing population in the region would demand a significant expansion of the electrical and natural gas distribution and transmission systems, as well as regulated generation facilities.

Decades ago Eversource companies began purchasing land all over the region to provide for the infrastructure that would be needed to expand the generation, distribution, and transmission efforts of today.

Will Eversource's land holdings continue to increase in the region?
Yes, we will continue to purchase property for a specific electric or gas transmission and/or distribution project that fits with our current business planning.

Are there any rules I should follow when visiting Eversource properties?
Our use requirements support passive recreation, and we adhere to the slogan "Take only pictures, leave only footprints. "To keep these properties open for public use, we prohibit motor vehicles, camping, fires, littering, and alcoholic beverages. Our properties close at dusk.

How do I obtain permission to hunt on Eversource land?
Anyone hunting on Eversource property must have written authorization in their possession.

Hunting at King's Island, Maromas, Skiff Mountain and Newgate is administered by the  CT DEEP Wildlife Division. Refer to their website for details and regulations.

In addition, Eversource administers its own "private land" permit-only hunting program on 12 other land parcels representing 2,100 acres. Permit applications are available each year from January through March 15. Successful applicants are notified by mail.

For More Information

Call Eversource Real Estate and Property Management at 860-665-6176.

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