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Affected System Operator Studies

In coordination with Eversource, ISO-New England has determined transmission studies are needed for many DG projects interconnecting to Eversource's infrastructure.

The Affected System Operator (ASO) studies seek to identify whether a distributed generation (DG)  project impacts the transmission system and/or the electric power systems of neighboring electric distribution companies, and the extent transmission system modifications are required to maintain the safe and reliable operation of the region's transmission system and distribution infrastructure.

The transmission analysis and studies are being performed by Eversource’s transmission staff, consulting with other affected systems operators, including ISO-New England (ISO-NE). Results of the study need to be approved by ISO-NE.

Analysis requirements

Based on factors such as the size of a generator, operating voltage level and connection with a transmission line, various levels of analysis may be required. Eversource works with ISO-NE to determine the initial level of transmission study needed for each project.

Our goal is to safely and expediently get distributed generation projects up and running as quickly as possible. We are committed to transparency and will work with potential project stakeholders to answer questions and expedite the study process.

Technical data requirements

ASO Study Model and Technical Data Request Requirements (PDF)