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Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Project Costs

Typical distribution system and substation modification costs for Massachusetts DER projects

Actual costs will differ from these estimates and may include costs that include the design, construction, operation and maintenance costs associated with affected system operator system modifications necessary to safely and reliably interconnect an interconnecting customer’s facility to the distribution system

Estimates do not include any expansion of the existing substation footprint or control house. Other cost differences will be specific to the project, including crossing a highway, river or train track.

Interconnecting customers are responsible for costs not incurred by Eversource that are necessary to interconnect to their facility. These costs include, but are not limited to, poles set by other companies, telecommunications, costs incurred by municipalities and pole-mounted equipment owned by other entities.

Typical Distribution System Costs

Last updated: July 2022

System Upgrade or Modification (15 - 35kV)Typical Cost Range
Overhead (OH) Point of Interconnection (POI) / Point of Common Coupling (PCC)$400,000
Underground (UG) POI/PCC 600A - Electrical - above 500kw$650,000
Conductor upgrade/reconductoring (open wire - spacer)$1 - 1.3 million per mile
Voltage conversion$900,000 - 1.7 million per mile
Express feeder extension$1 - 1.3 million per mile
New overhead line extension$900,000 - 1.7 million per mile
Overhead line extension - single phase to three phase$600,000 - 1.3 million per mile
Install/remove capacitor bank (600 - 1800kVAR)$100,000
Install overhead primary metering$50,000
Overhead switch installation (disconnects - loadbreak)$50,000
Install line regulators$50,000 - 200,000
Overhead transformer upgrade/installation (25 - 300kVA)$10,000 - 20,000
Pad-mounted transformer upgrade/installation (75 - 2500kVA)$20,000 - 50,000
3-phase riser pole installation$20,000
Recloser upgrade/installation$100,000 - 150,000
Pad-mounted switchgear installation$200,000 - $250,000
Underground cable installation$1.9 - 9.5 million per mile
Underground cable replacement$1.9 - 9.5 million per mile

Typical Substation Costs

Last updated: July 2021

Scope CategoryScope DetailsCost
Substation transformer upgrade
  • 115-23 kV transformer replacement limited to a 60-65 MVA unit that includes primary / backup relays and minor foundation modifications. Other station expansion or rebuilding costs are excluded.
$4 million
3V0 installation
  • Install relay with 59N function in existing control house, switchgear enclosure, or outdoor cabinet
  • Develop and program relay settings for 59N function
3V0 installation
  • Install relay with 59N function in existing control house, switchgear enclosure, or outdoor cabinet
  • Develop and program relay settings for 59N function
  • Install CCVTs in addition to all above. Station fence expansion.
$1 million
DTT installation
  • Install 1- RFL 9745 in the control house or outdoor cabinet
  • Primary and civil work related to Verizon’s circuit termination (leased line) / Direct fiber termination
  • Telecom related equipment based on the communication medium
  • Does not include fiber or other communication path
New feeder position/getaway
  • New breaker in existing switchgear
  • New SEL-751 relays
  • New getaway cable (200')
$2 million
Install/remove regulators
  • Install and remove 3-333kVA substation regulators and associated equipment
Upgrade to bidirectional regulator control
  • Install bi-directional substation LTC/regulator controls and remove existing control