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Excavator Gas Safety and Damage Prevention

Eversource wants to help contractors and excavators work safely around our natural gas pipelines.

After you call Dig Safe (MA, NH) or Call Before You Dig (CT) at 811, Eversource and other utilities will mark underground facilities on the work site.

Eversource will also meet with contractors before and during construction to explain how to prevent damage and answer questions that may come up.

More information is available in Eversource's Guide to Excavator Awareness & Damage Prevention. Information includes:

  • Excavation requirements, with full-color photos of gas line markings.
  • Safety tips and information about what to do in natural gas emergencies.
  • List of the cities and towns Eversource provides natural gas to in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
  • The color coding system used to identify the type of underground facilities present.

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