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We sell goods, property, products and services to all electricity suppliers under the same terms and conditions. If we have had any such "non-tariffed" (meaning other than rate-regulated) transactions with our affiliates, we hereby simultaneously offer the same to any electricity supplier. Furthermore, if we have purchased any goods and services from our affiliates, we have purchased them at fair market value.

Listed below are all such transactions we have had with our affiliates.

Affiliate NameAffiliate's Role in TransactionRate Charged/Maximum RateTime PeriodQuantities InvolvedDelivery PointsConditionsContact

This page is intended to provide notice to all electricity suppliers of the goods, property, products and services sold to our electricity-supplier affiliates so that all electricity suppliers may avail themselves of the same. It also lists the goods and services we have bought from electricity-supplier affiliates. It is not intended to indicate that our electricity-supplier affiliates have any preferential access to services.