Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Whether you own or rent, keep your home comfortable while saving money and energy with our low-cost in-home services.

How It Works

Our experts will evaluate your home's energy use, provide customized recommendations for energy-saving upgrades, and connect you to incentives and rebates.

Services, costs and savings

An Eversource approved contractor will conduct an in-home visit to perform a thorough energy assessment for just $100. During this visit they will conduct safety tests, recommend improvements and help you better understand your home's energy use.

To help you make the improvements recommended during your appointment, you may receive equipment rebates and no-cost products totaling up to $6,000, as well as access to 0% on-bill financing. So you can save immediately on energy-saving upgrades, and in the years to come on your energy bills.

Who qualifies?

If you have not qualified for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR in the past, please note that criteria and offers have changed and we encourage you to try again. You may qualify for a virtual visual audit, which includes a delivery of energy-saving products for you to install.

Do you receive fuel or electric assistance?

If you're eligible, you can connect to additional money and energy saving improvements to help you lower your bill. Learn about Home Energy Assistance

Looking For Other Ways To Save?

Our Energy Saving Tips can help you identify effective ways to save money and energy all year long. 

Energy Saving Tips