Geothermal Pilot Program for Eastern Massachusetts

A Framingham neighborhood will be the site of an innovative heating and cooling system using renewable power from the earth

What is Geothermal Energy?

A geothermal system uses wells, piping and pumps to pull the earth's heat out of the ground to warm buildings in winter and pumps heat from buildings back into the ground in summer to cool them.

It is renewable energy that comes from the sun's rays and temperatures produced in the earth's core. This energy can be used to heat and cool indoor spaces and produce hot water in conjunction with geothermal heat pumps.

This technology is in everyday use in the U.S. and around the world.

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Our First-Of-Its-Kind Pilot Uses Utility-Scale, Networked Geothermal

We're piloting its use at scale in Framingham as a potential option to complement or replace delivered fuels and natural gas service for heating and cooling. The use of this technology could be expanded in the future based on the outcome of the project. 


Did You Know: Using geothermal energy for heating and cooling can reduce the average residential customer's carbon emissions by up to 60 percent.

About the Program

We're committed to delivering New England’s vision of a clean energy future, and determining if networked geothermal systems are a viable option to affordably heat and cool homes and businesses.

The program was approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and, once in service, the pilot is intended to run through two heating and cooling seasons.

Construction is scheduled to begin Framingham mid-2022. 

  • We will select a mixed group of residential and commercial customers in the same neighborhood from the list of interested participants
  • The area is within our natural gas service and currently includes delivered fuels (heating oil or propane) customers.
  • We will enter into an agreement for the duration of the pilot.
  • We'll be accepting feedback before, during and after the pilot to ensure the best experience possible.

What Pilot Customers Receive

  1. A cost-effective, low-carbon source of heating and cooling.
  2. We pay for the cost of building and installing the geothermal system, as well as all the equipment to be installed in homes and businesses.
  3. Participants will pay a low fixed charge each month for access to the geothermal network. They will be responsible for their electric bill that will power the heat pump, but will no longer have to pay for natural gas or delivered fuels
  4. The technology is proven, but if something isn't functioning as planned or customers want an alternate heating and cooling service, we will work to ensure the continued heating and cooling of property for personal comfort.

Additional information and project coverage

Geothermal Pilot Contact Information

If you have questions about the pilot or would like to receive regular updates, please email