Service Equipment Ownership

In the event of a storm, you may have questions about which parts of your service are privately owned and which parts Eversource maintains.

We maintain the electric poles, wires and other infrastructure that run along your street and end at the connection point just after your service drop.

service-equipment-emaWith the exception of the meter, wires and equipment that run from the connection point into a residence are the responsibility of the customer, including the weatherhead and electric meter socket.

(A printable PDF is also available showing electric equipment ownership.) 

If you have damage to the wires or equipment after the connection point (except for your meter) please call a licensed electrician to have them repaired.

Also, after repairs are complete, you or your electrician will need to contact your town's wire inspector before Eversource can restore service. If you have any questions please call us at 800-592-2000.