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Smell of Gas

Natural gas is one of the safest sources of energy available.

Natural gas is non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, and odorless. A distinctive, pungent odor, similar to rotten eggs, is added so that you can recognize it easily and know if natural gas is escaping.

If you smell gas:

  • Move to a safe location.
  • Do not smoke, strike a match, use telephones including cell phones, switch on/off appliances, lights or even a flashlight in the area where you smell gas. These items can produce sparks that might ignite the gas and cause an explosion.
  • Call us immediately at 800-592-2000 or 911.
  • ​Do not assume that someone else will report the condition.
  • Provide the exact location, including cross streets.
  • Let us know if digging activities are going on in the area.