Outdoor Electric Safety

Although electricity is very safe when used properly, plenty of potential electrical hazards can be found around homes and businesses.

To ensure your safety, please keep the following outdoor electrical safety tips in mind.

Stay clear of power lines

  • Stay away from downed wires and fallen trees that could have wires caught in them.
  • Don’t touch anything or anyone that’s touching a downed wire.
  • Assume all wires are energized.
  • Know where power lines are at all times.
  • Contacting an overhead wire with your body or a conductive object like a ladder, pole or roofing material can cause serious injury or death. Accidents can happen even without contact, so always maintain a safe distance of at least 10 feet.

Proper landscaping

  • Trees and tree limbs that interfere with power lines pose a major outage risk during storms, so avoid planting tall-growing trees under power lines.
  • Avoid landscaping around ground mounted utility equipment. During an outage our restoration crews may need to access this equipment.

Safety Tips for Contractors Working Near Power Lines

If you are a contractor who works near overhead or underground power lines, please review our safety brochure - Safety Tips for Contractors Working Near Power Lines.

This important safety information discusses steps for working safely around power lines with cranes, derricks and ladders; avoiding underground or digging hazards; OSHA safe working distances and more.