Natural Gas Stoves & Ranges

Cooking with natural gas is the smart choice.

Cooking with natural gas is three times more efficient than cooking with electricity, and it offers value and convenience. It has become the preferred choice for cooking professionals. 

A natural gas stove or range offers flexibility and efficiency and you can control the temperature instantly.

Common features:

  • Available in many configurations and styles to match any decor. Choose built-in or freestanding models with two or four burners and many options.
  • Downdraft and self-venting cook tops remove steam, smoke and cooking odors without the need for overhead venting.
  • Easy-to-control burners have instant on/off controls for precision cooking. Sealed burners make cleaning easier.
  • Self-clean or continuous-clean models make clean-up easy.
  • New ovens are well insulated, keeping more heat in the oven and less in your kitchen.
  • Convection ovens available that use 40 percent less energy than conventional ovens and produce superior baking results.