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Innovative Energy Solutions

In 2023, Connecticut is launching an Innovative Energy Solutions (IES) Program as part of the Equitable Modern Grid initiative to encourage development of novel programs, technologies, products and services.

The program will accelerate innovation across the electric grid by creating a supportive ecosystem between private companies, the state’s electric utilities, and other key stakeholders in an effort to provide equitable benefits for all customers and to advance the state’s decarbonization goals.

Learn more about the IES at PURA Establishes the Innovative Energy Solutions Program ( and 171203RE05-033022.pdf (

Eversource supports the IES in multiple ways, including collaborative project proposals with developers through Pathway 3. Learn more in our Implementation Plan. We encourage developers to reach out to us to share potential ideas for Pathway 3 projects or information about existing programs, grid needs, etc. 

Have questions or ideas that might be a fit into the Innovative Energy Solutions Program? Please email us at

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