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EV Charger Make Ready Process for Massachusetts Businesses

You can take advantage of this opportunity to become an electric vehicle (EV) site host in seven steps.

Start By Selecting a Contractor

The process of becoming a charging host begins by reaching out and selecting an EV Make-Ready Contractor.

Your contractor should work with you through the entire process, go over expectations and timelines, visit your site, create a detailed site plan, complete the application with you and will ultimately perform the work.

Once you have connected with your contractor, they will walk you through seven steps, ending with energizing your EV chargers. 

Step one: Choose a location

  • Your contractor should work with you to determine the best location to place the chargers based on the existing electrical infrastructure, charger use and how people park at your facility.

Step two: Submit an application and site sketch for pre-approval 

    Step three: Apply for State and Federal third-party funding

      • In addition to applying for the Make Ready incentives, you must apply for all eligible State and Federal third- party funding, including the MassEVIP Program.

      Step four: Pre-approval and contracts

      • Once your project has been pre-approved by Eversource, we will issue a pre-approval letter and will send the site host agreement for your signature. This will secure funding for your project.

      Step five: Purchase a charger

      • You will be required to purchase EV charging stations from our list of qualified products and send us proof-of-purchase such as an invoice, before construction can begin.
      • Rebates may be available to help offset some of the charging station cost.

      Step six: Begin infrastructure installation

      • Once the charging stations have been purchased and permission to install has been sent by the Eversource EV Team, your contractor can begin laying down the necessary infrastructure to connect your charging stations. This will include the trenching, conduits, wires, meter, and if necessary, a transformer. 

      Step seven: Make the connection

      • After the electric infrastructure is in place, we will make the final interconnection to our powerlines, and your contractor will coordinate the installation and activation of your charging stations.
      • When applicable, certain projects may require a final inspection.
      • Lastly, your contractor will complete a project closeout report and submit to us on your behalf. Once that’s complete and the chargers are energized, you’re ready to begin using your chargers. 

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