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Massachusetts Energy Tax Exemption

Businesses, government entities and charitable organizations in Massachusetts may be exempt from paying sales tax on their Eversource bill each month if they meet certain criteria.

Small Business Energy Exemption

If you believe your business is eligible for the Massachusetts Small Business Energy Exemption, please visit the website.  

To qualify, businesses need to generate a gross income of less than $1 million in the previous calendar year, and also reasonably expect to have a gross income of less than $1 million this calendar year.

Businesses also need to have five or fewer employees to be exempt from paying tax on their electricity bill.

Other Exemptions

If you are representing a government or charitable organization, please fill out, sign and fax or mail the  Massachusetts Form ST-5 - with a copy of the Form ST-2 issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - to Eversource.

Owners of manufacturing plants may be eligible for tax exemption if 75 percent or more used for manufacturing or heating the plant. If you believe this applies to your company, please fill out, sign and fax or mail  Massachusetts Form ST-12 to Eversource.

Please note, a separate form needs to be completed and signed for each Eversource account applying for tax exemption. This certificate will not be valid if it is not signed and dated.