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Connecticut Electric Vehicle Rate Program

The Electric Vehicle Rate Program helps support the deployment of an electric vehicle charging network throughout Connecticut.

This voluntary rate program is available to any level 2 or level 3 charging station whose load is separately metered and available for use by the public. Eligibility for this rate is subject to the review and approval of Eversource.

More information is available in the Electric Vehicle Rate Rider, or in the frequently asked questions below.

If you believe your charging stations are eligible for the program, please complete the Electric Vehicle Rate Rider Enrollment Form and follow its instructions for submission to Eversource.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the EV Rate Rider be available and will it change in the future?
The Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) approved the Rider beginning on April 1, 2019, for a period of three years. PURA will review the program at the end of the three-year period and determine if modifications to eligibility, pricing, or other terms and conditions are required. Customers taking service under the rider at that time will be subjected to the changes.

Who is eligible to take service on the EV Rate Rider?
Electric vehicle charging stations (Level 2 & 3) whose load is separately metered and available to the public.

How is "available to the public" defined for the EV Rate Rider?
Public charging stations are those made available and accessible to the public. For example, on-street parking spaces and public parking spaces in lots or parking garages.

How does the EV Rate Rider work for billing?
Customers will be billed on the applicable general service rate schedule that applies to the load being served. If a rate component is priced on a demand basis (i.e., per kW or per kVA), the rate component under the EV Rider will be converted to an equivalent per kWh average rate and charged to the customer accordingly.

Will I need a new electric meter to be billed on the EV Rate Rider?
An interval meter is required to be on the rider. If needed, this meter will be installed at no cost to the customer. 

How long do I need to stay on the EV Rate Rider?
There is no minimum term for this rider and you can leave at the end of a monthly billing cycle.

Need Help?

If you have additional questions please email James Mierzejewski or call 860-665-3947.